Monday, February 11, 2008

there are still some musicians in the music industry...who knew?

now, while i do love awards shows, i'm not usually motivated to write about them afterward. usually sharing the moment live with my favourite actor or some random underdog in the foreign film category, does the trick. but today, watching the tacky e! rundown of the best and worst dressed of the evening (i swear there was nothing else on!!) i was remided of how drama free the whole event was and how, for the first time in a long time, i was really entertained by the music.

as a musician of sorts myself, i was blown away by alicia keyes. the girl can sing! she's flawless. great intonation, phrasing...she's got an incredible musicality that's informed by a bunch of different genres, so intelligent. her delivery is incredible too. just mindblowing.

must say that i found myself a big fan of the foo. have always loved dave grohl. true rock and roll guy. gives'er every time. really takes me back to my hair thrashing high school days. nice to see him keeping the torch of rock alive.

while i love feist's musicianship and the way that she really plays with her voice like an instrument, i was a little disappointed that there's not more depth to it live. saw her on snl awhile ago and felt the same thing. was great to see her among the throng of performers though, as she really is doing something special.

loved the grobin and boccelli duet. made me long to sing italian again. something about singing that stuff that gives you a chance to channel sound in a way that no other genre can.

kanye's a great performer and is one of those guys who would have been a charming but annoying kid to teach. incredible that the same creative mind that can create great hooks and visual looks can write such crap as "you can be my black kate moss tonight" how he slammed fifty cent instead of thanking his mom in his speech. the guy has cajones the size of saturn.

also love the cirque beatles tribute. stunning. even if it did go on a bit long.

all in all was great to see music celebrated and performed by bona fide musicians.

good on ya!

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